YAMMA - Yet Another Mostly Male Award - AAAS Public Engagement Award

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So - I saw an post on Twitter about the AAAS Public Enagement with Science AwardThe AAAS awards for public engagement with science are open for nominations! #scicomm— Jon Tennant (@Protohedgehog) July 28, 2015And I went to check it out since, well, I wondered - how could I win that.  And so I thought - I should look at how I compare to previous winners.  And in one way I compare really well.

Modelling taxonomic names in databases

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Quick notes on modelling taxonomic names in databases, as part of an ongoing discussion elsewhere about this topic. Simple modelOne model that is widely used (e.g., ITIS, WoRMS) and which is explicit in Darwin Core Archive is something like this: Model1 We have a table for taxa and we don't distinguish between taxa and their names.

The Biodiversity Data Journal is not machine readable

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626ce1b38c2b42f77802e4e8c597820e 400x400In my (previous post ) I discussed the potential for the Biodiversity Data Journal (BDJ) to be a venue for nano (or near-nano publications). In this post I want to draw attention to what I think is a serious stumbling block, which is the lack of machine readable statements in the journal.

Nanopublications and annotation: a role for the Biodiversity Data Journal?

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626ce1b38c2b42f77802e4e8c597820e 400x400I stumbled across this intriguing paper: Do, L., & Mobley, W. (2015, July 17). Single Figure Publications: Towards a novel alternative format for scholarly communication. F1000Research. F1000 Research, Ltd.

Graduating Little League

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Before the actual day, I worried about the arrival of my 40th birthday. But when that day came, it felt like any other day. I was still me, just a day older. I felt the same for “Y2K”, the year 2000. After months of doomsday scenarios, January 1, 2000 was just like any other day that saw the sun rise and saw the sun set. All our computers still turned on. Partly because these were so normal, I am caught off-guard that today does not feel like any other day.

Possibly the worst press release on the microbiome ever: Greenlaw and Ruggiero and the third brain.

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Well, this is a combination of horrendous, frustrating and painful: Discovery of Microbiome “Third Brain” Confirmed by Scientific Research in Japan | Business Wire.

A Phoenix Rises from the Ashes: A new discovery emerges from the 2009 retraction.

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This is a post in my continuing series of the "Story Behind the Paper." series. This post is from Benjamin Schwessinger, Pamela Ronald, Rory Pruitt, Anna Joe, and Ofir Bahar.A Phoenix Rises from the Ashes: A new discovery emerges from the 2009 retraction.A phoenix depicted in a book of legendary creatures by FJ Bertuch (1747–1822). Via Wikipedia Commons - based on thisThis is the story behind our report published today in Science Advances.

New podcast on scientific writing coming soon!

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I am currently developing a new podcast that will focus on scientific writing, including tips, strategies, interviews, discussions, Q&A, and other good stuff. If you are a student, postdoc, or even a seasoned writer, there should be something for you! If you would like to be notified when the podcast is set to launch, you can sign up here:
On the Write Path

New podcast on scientific writing coming soon! is a post from Genomicron.

Purposeful Games and the Biodiversity Heritage Library

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0a5c989ef8f5b9523b2119808a9f15ab.@BioDivLibrary Had a quick play of the Beanstalk OCR correction game, lack of context is off-putting #bhlib— Roderic Page (@rdmpage) July 23, 2015 These are some quick thoughts on the games on the BHL site, part of the Purposeful Gaming and BHL Project.

Should I testify in German court about how there is no such thing as the measles virus?

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I could use some help from the crowd. I got this email a few minutes ago. Am wondering what people think about this? Should I testify in German court about how there is no such thing as the measles virus? Dear Prof. Eisen,my name is Dr.

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