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Who wants to host the 77th edition this coming December? The November edition didn't go up as planned, unfortunately - this is a first, and I hope it will be the last. But it probably won't. Interest in CoE is declining (it probably is in blog carnivals in general), which I believe (on evidence) has a lot to do with social media; carnivals are a way to share your content, but Facebook, Twitter, etc. are taking over that job, it seems. If you are interested in hosting take a look at these brief CoE hosting guidelines and then let me know.

The (changing) ecology of snow

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We are well into winter in the Northern Hemisphere--Thanksgiving holidays are just around the corner in the US--and for much of the area, this is time defined by cold, dark, and snow. So it seemed appropriate to write a post about snow.Much of the Northern Hemisphere, the Antarctic, and alpine areas are historically snow covered for more than two months of the year.

A night with Matt Groening and the importance of faeces, feces and faces

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So - I participated in a fundraiser for Emily Levine's "The Edge of Chaos" film a week ago. And one of the key guests was Matt Groening. Not only did I get to hang out with him and discuss fecal transplants with him (really) but I had a front row seat to Matt discussing the history of how he came up with the general outline of the Simpson's characters.And in addition to this being just awesome to witness, one part of it struck me.

Whole issues of Genome Biology/Genome Medicine on "Genomics of Infectious Disease"

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Wow this has really got some nice papers: BioMed Central | Article collections | Genomics of infectious diseases special issue.  I note - this goes well as a follow up to the series I co-coordinated in PLOS a few years back: Genomics of Emerging Infectious Disease - PLOS CollectionsFrom their site:Infectious diseases are major contributors to global morbidity and mortality, and have a devastating impact on public health.

Automatically extracting possible taxonomic synonyms from the literature

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Quick notes on an experimental feature I've added to BioNames. It attempts to identify possible taxonomic synonyms by extracting pairs of names with the same species name that appear together on the same page of text. The text could be full text for an open access article, OCR text from BHL, or the title and abstract for an article. For example, the following paper creates a new combination, Hadwenius tursionis, for a parasite of the bottlenose dolphin. This name is a synonym of Synthesium tursionis. Fernández, M., Balbuena, J. A., & Raga, J. A. (1994, July).

Strangest microbial headline of month: Bacteria on Russian ‘sex satellite’ survive reentry

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There is really not much to say other than to point everyone to this article: Bacteria on Russian ‘sex satellite’ survive reentry | Science | The GuardianIt defininely wins the strangest microbial headline of the month.  The article restates some of the silly claims about how what they are finding supports panspermia ..

Moore Foundation: Request for Expressions of Interest: Increasing the Potential of Marine Microeukaryotes as Experimental Model Systems through the Development of Genetic Tools

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Got this from the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation and they said I could post it here.Request for Expressions of Interest: Increasing the Potential of Marine Microeukaryotes as Experimental Model Systems through the Development of Genetic Tools Marine Microbiology Initiative Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation November 21, 2014 The Marine Microbiology Initiative (MMI) at the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation aims to enable scientists to uncover the principles that govern the interactions among microbes and that influence nutrient flow in the marine

Post-doc w/ me, Jessica Green, Jay Stachowicz, and Jenna Lang on seagrass microbiomes

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Postdoctoral Position in Microbial Ecology and EvolutionJessica Green at the University of Oregon Green ( is currently seeking a postdoctoral researcher to explore fundamental questions in microbial ecology and evolution. Applicants should have a PhD in a biological, computational, mathematical, or statistical field with extensive training using theory and/or modeling to understand the ecology and evolution of complex biological communities, and strong writing skills.

Repeated, extremely biased ratio of M:F at meetings from SFB 680 "Evolutionary Innovations" group #YAMMM

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Well, this is disappointing, to say the least - there is a conference coming up in July 2015 on "Forecasting Evolution":  SFB 680 | Molecular Basis of Evolutionary Innovations at the Gulbenkian Foundation in Lisbon.Here is the listed lineup of invited speakers:Andersson (Uppsala University), (NOTE I AM ASSUMING THIS IS DAN ANDERSSON)Trevor Bedford (Hutchinson Cancer Research Center), Jesse Bloom (Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center), Arup Chakraborty (MI

Northern White Rhinoceros – On the Brink of Extinction

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*Guest post by Monica Choy -one of several posts selected from the graduate EES3001 Scientific Literacy course at University of Toronto-Scarborough. Photo credit: Elodie A. Sampere, Getty Images Suni, a 34 year old male northern white rhinoceros, died on October 17, 2014 of natural causes.

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